7 Ways your Spa and Salon mobile app can generate more revenues

7 Ways your Spa and Salon mobile app can generate more revenues

Spas and Salons have surely become an inseparable part of the lives of urbanites looking forward to unwind from their stressing lifestyle with a little pampering and grooming! Additionally, increasing amount of awareness amongst the youth towards their health and rising need for a picture perfect appearance has led to flourishing of beauty and wellness industry. Today the number of not just local but also high end beauty salons and spas chains are on rise with the Indian salon and spa industry projected to be over INR 803 billion by 2018.

In such competitive environment it is important for spas and salons to create a point of differentiation between them and competitors by providing one-up services to their clients. This will help them retain clients and generate more business. One such impactful point of differentiation in a mobile driven economy can be created by offering services through a personalized mobile app.

  1. 24/7 accessible information center

With your very own mobile app, you can promote all your products and services with high quality` images and videos. Clients can view them; choose treatments and book an appointment from their smartphone while on the go. It provides them leisure to do so at any time convenient to them even if it’s non-working hours for your spa and salon. Your working clients are sure to appreciate the liberty of time and convenience the app provides them and will surely keep coming back to you for all their routine as well as special beauty and spa needs.

  1. Stay on top of your client’s mind with push notifications

Once your clients have your Spa & Salon App installed on their mobiles, it is easy to stay on top of their mobile as well as their mind by sending out useful push notifications. It is one of the most powerful tools of a mobile app that is supported by all mobile platforms and is functional even when the client is not utilizing the app. You can send app-only offers and discounts to all the app users which will not only prompt them to utilize the discount by booking an appointment but also compel them to revisit the app and take a look at all the products and services.

  1. Run an In-app Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are one of the most frequently used customer retention techniques. It is easy to get the customers to become a part of reward systems but difficult to keep them active on it. But with in-app loyalty club, your member clients will always have it in front of them and it will also be easy for them to utilize the accumulated points and reap real-time benefits. Voila! You’ve created a win-win situation where in your clients get discounts and benefits of being loyal to you while you get more recurring business!

  1. App sharing

The most effective way of reaching out to new clients is through referrals and word of mouth publicity. This age old strategy receives a whole new dimension with the app sharing feature of Appynitty Communications developed BeautyAppy mobile app for spas and salon. Your happy and loyal clients, can now easily refer your business and its mobile app to friends and family with a single tap on app-sharing tab within.


  1. Offer Discounts for providing Testimonials & Reviews

When your spa and salon mobile app has new users, they will not only check out your products and services but also want to see reviews of your existing clients. Clients usually would not deny providing testimonials, but they will happily do it for you using the app when you send them a thank you with discount coupons. More the number of testimonials and reviews higher will be the inflow of revenues from new and loyal clients.


  1. Provide Expert Beauty Tips

You can keep app-users hooked on to your business mobile app by providing interesting and valuable beauty tips at regular intervals. This will act as an attraction for the clients to use the mobile app regularly; glancing through the products and services offered and even opt for it. You could also feature your in-house masseurs or hair experts or make-up artists as expert of the week sharing their expertise. In this way clients can be familiarized with your experts and business expertise, achieving higher client walk-ins


  1. Explore the e-commerce benefits

BeautyAppy brings with it in-app integration of payment gateways which includes tie-ups with leading mobile wallets, cards and 42 banks. Expand your business reach by exploring the e-commerce benefits that your business can enjoy by selling beauty products online through mobile app. Clients could also make payments for services they use through their cards and mobile wallets directly in the app.

These are just a few ways you can use the spa and salon mobile app to generate higher revenues for your business. You can connect all your outlets on a single mobile app integrated with a cloud contact center. The possibilities of utilizing this mobile marketing platform are boundless and be customized as per your business requirements. So join the appyness today!

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