How Mobile Apps Can Leverage Business for Travel Agencies

How Mobile Apps Can Leverage Business for Travel Agencies

How Mobile Apps Can Leverage Business for Travel Agencies

For the first time in history internet usage on mobile outnumbered desktop in 2014. This has meant that now businesses need to give a deep thought on adapting new mobile technologies to strengthen and grow their customer base.

Being one of the largest sectors of world economy, travel and tourism has always responded to new challenges. Researches have shown that nowadays more and more people plan their holidays and official travel well in advance via internet accessed largely through their mobile devices, especially on apps. And if your travel agency is ready with its very own mobile app, then you can surely be one step ahead of your competitors!

Enhancing Your Digital Accessibility

Think of it, a person is planning to go on vacation and searches for Travel Agencies or Travel Operators on his mobile. Having an app not only increases your business credibility, but also provides clients with easy and anytime access to your services. With online payment integration, they can even instantly book the services they like.

Some would argue that why to have own mobile app when we can have a third party app listing our business. Well, the reason is that in most third party listing apps, there’s no surety of you ranking on the top of their listings. On the other hand, your own app can be optimized in a way that it will rank high on various app stores, thereby increasing your customer acquisition power.

Riding the App Wave

With more and more travelers searching about travel agencies online on their mobile devices, having your own mobile app can prove to be highly beneficial to your business. A self-branded app is much better option than third party apps as this allows you greater customization, opportunities for good look and feel and no space restrictions. But it is important to have a high quality and seamlessly functioning mobile app, as an unprofessional app will do more harm than benefit your travel agency. You can opt for services from professional app development companies like Appynitty Communications that has experience in developing native apps for various business sectors, offers specialized app – JourneyAppy for tour operators and travel agencies.

Better Customer Service at Low Costs

When it comes to cater the needs of travelers you require being a prompt service provider. The vacationers may have a myriad of queries in their mind. The mobile app helps you in explaining your services and travel packages in the most interactive way. You can even tempt travelers by offering them discounts and special offers over app. Who would not like a discount on travel packages!

With JourneyAppy’s contact center integration feature, your customers can call you with just a tap from the app. Cloud contact center integration also ensures that you won’t miss any call from your prospective customers and even provides you with app as well as call analytics to know more about your customers.

Analytical Insights to Improve Decision Making

With your own travel mobile app, you will get access to large chunk of user data. App’s smart analytics will give you the data through which user behavior, preferences and engagement metrics can be assessed. This puts you in much better position to decide what policies you must promote to enhance your customer base and eventually getting more business. Through these analytics you can even calculate fair ROI on various digital investments.

Mobile can play a crucial role in the journey towards customer acquisition for you as in this Digital era, a good app can make it easier for you to attract as well as retain customers.

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