Transform Your Boutique Business into a Fashion Brand

Transform you Boutique business into a Fashion Brand

From being vary of the quality and fit while shopping for clothing online, today shoppers widely prefer to do so through mobile apps while on the go or from the comforts of their homes. This shift in the consumer trend towards mCommerce is owing to the convenience of time and place it offers in addition to smooth user interface. Yet, what consumers dearly miss the most in this process is the customization in designing and fit that a personalized designer can provide.

And that’s the USP that a neighborhood designer with a local boutique enjoys. Apart from trendy and high quality fashion apparels, it’s small but highly loyal customer base is attracted by the personalized shopping experience.

Providing Customization that is a miss in Online Shopping Convenience

As a fashion designer, you can cater to close the gap in online and in-store shopping with a mobile app, specially designed for standalone designers and boutiques providing the best combination of both the experiences. Appynitty Communications’ developed BoutiqueAppy enables you to visually display your designer wears the way you want, with HD videos and images and allow your clients to buy from the available readymade attires. With one tap call connectivity they can even get a made to order designer outfit with a combination of design, colour and fit of their choice from the displayed designs.

It’s even easy for customers to pay through net banking, e-wallets or cards for their purchases with integration of multiple payment gateways in the app! That’s how easy a mobile app can make conducting of day to day business for boutique owners and designers!

Increase Engagement, Expand Customer Base & Establish your Brand!

With a largely loyal clientele your mobile app is sure to be an instant hit amongst your customers. They can now browse through your collection anytime they wish to. Additionally you can encourage them to visit your boutique or design studio by informing them in real-time about new arrivals or discounts and sales through in-app push notifications to encourage them to visit the boutique.

Designers and boutiques largely depend on word of mouth publicity for promoting their business. Personalized mobile apps make it easy for your clients to share what they like, with their friends and family through app sharing and social media integration. This also helps you expand your customer base with automated data generation facilitated through your mobile app.

Above all your personalized mobile app is a great branding tool. It can have the look and feel of the designs that represent your style quotient. Mobile app can be your gateway to strategically build your brand on a large scale when you can provide a seamless and elite shopping experience to the customers on their smartphones – current era’s most widely used gadget! It can be instrumental in transforming even a local boutique into a well known fashion brand with increased ability to reach out to a geographically wider customer base.

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