Lead Management Services

Having an efficient lead management team in place can shorten the sales funnel to a great extent, even resulting in reduction of overhead costs. But maintaining a full-fledged, dedicated lead generation team can be quite a cost center in itself for an individual company.

That’s why, at Appynitty Communications we provide need based lead generation and management services at affordable costs. As a business whether you are looking at generating B2B or B2C leads, our Research & Database Management Team can undertake strategically formulated lead management activities. We aim at reducing the efforts of our clients in looking for prospective customers in the vast pool of data by providing them qualified hot leads resulting in increased sales closure rate and higher revenues.

Whether you have a partial database, non-verified old database or have to create a customized database from scratch, Appynitty Communications is your one-stop lead management solution. Our expertise lies in providing services to sectors like IT, HR, E-commerce, retail and event management amongst others.

Some of the core lead management services provided by us includes:

- List Service

- Data Mining & Data Building

- Appointment Generation

- Cold Calling

- Lead Qualification

- Demand Generation

- Appending Services

- Data Cleansing

- Contact Discovery

Other Services